COMBIWALL pipe wall panels

Pipe wall panels offered by Eco-Tech 

These are solid products, designed for long operations, which are perfect for preventing landslides. Because our assortment abounds in wall panels of various weights and sizes, you can easily choose products tailored to the needs of the project.

The “COMBIWALL” pipe wall panels are steel sheet piling, the task of which is to maintain the difference in ground levels. Their structure consists of rolled profiles, equipped with locks at the edges. The “COMBIWALL” pipe wall panels can be fixed in various ways – by pressing, hammering or driving.

The use of pipe wall panels

Pipe wall walls are often used for the construction of bulkheads and breakwaters, the construction of cofferdams or barriers to groundwater flow. They can also be used as a cover for excavations intended for the construction of foundations, basements, car parks or pumping stations.

The “COMBIWALL” pipe walls will equally well find use in the creation of cantilevered or soil-anchored retaining walls, retaining walls for railroads, foundation shoring, bridge abutments or tunnel wall structures.  They are also useful in repairing flood embankments in an emergency.

COMBIWALL pipe wall panels

Installation of the “Combiwall” pipe wall panels

The process of installation of the wall panels is not complicated.  Placing them successively on the line of the excavation or breakwater perimeter will allow to create its permanent casing or a tight temporary wall that will reduce the inflow of groundwater. If necessary, it is possible to install an anchor or additional internal stiffening, whose task will be to transmit horizontal forces. 

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COMBIWALL pipe wall panels

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