Laminating of steel pipes

High quality guarantees durability

At Eco-Tech, laminating of steel pipes is carried out using a resin-glass laminate.  The high quality of the laminate and the carefully carried out lamination of steel pipes guarantee very good durability of the coating. Over the years, it does not dissect or detach from the surface of the pipe. 

Each time, laminating of steel pipes is preceded by their thorough degreasing, cleaning and reducing the degree of roughness, to ensure the best possible adhesion of the laminate.

Laminating of steel pipes

Laminating of steel pipes

Laminating of steel pipes

Lamination of steel pipes provides them with additional protection against corrosion and mechanical damage, which may occur as a result of works related to jacking, drilling and other trenchless methods. 

Laminated steel pipes are also often used in projects where there is a significant mechanical impact of soil on the pipeline, exposure to abrasion or aggressive chemicals.

We provide the service of laminating steel pipes in cooperation with a proven foreign partner that has decades of experience in the resin-glass coating market

The system of coatings made of resin-glass laminate is one of the most durable types of coatings available for the external mechanical protection of pipelines.  It can be used as a layer of mechanical protection layer for anti-corrosion coatings of pipelines and welded joints, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), coatings made of epoxy resins (FBE) and protected with polyurethane (PU). 

Available options:

  • coating thickness or other types of resin can be specified according to the customer’s requirements,
  • different colours of the coating on request,
  • UV resistance of the surface protective layer is optional on request,
  • on request, it is possible to make integrated GRP distance skids permanently
  • bonded, with a laminate system,
  • possible execution of protection of welded joints by qualified personnel


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