Decommissioning of steel pipelines

We offer steel pipeline decommissioning services

Eco-Tech has been specializing in decommissioning steel pipelines for years. During this time, we had the opportunity to carry out several dozen decommissioning operations and our clients were, among others, such recognizable brands as Lotos, Pern.

The pipeline decommissioning services we provide are particularly useful if you want to liquidate gas, industrial or heating pipelines. 

Decommissioning of steel pipelines
Decommissioning of steel pipelines

Eco Tech Group provides services

  • decommissioning of industrial pipelines,
  • decommissioning of heating pipelines,
  • decommissioning of gas pipelines,
  • decommissioning of industrial pipelines,
  • decommissioning of district heating lines

We have the necessary equipment for decommissioning pipelines

At Eco-Tech we have all the necessary equipment that allows for the easy, quick and safe decommissioning of steel pipelines. cane to dismantle pipelines with diameters ranging from 159 mm to 2020 mm.

We perform both decommissioning of ground and underground pipelines. It is not a problem for our qualified personnel and equipment to arrive anywhere in the country to perform professional decommissioning of steel pipelines.

Decommissioning of steel pipelines

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