Steel pipes

Our offer includes steel pipes with versatile use. These are products made of various types of steel, closely tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. Each steel pipe is brought to our wholesaler by professional suppliers.

We offer pipes of different diameters and sheet thicknesses. The pipe can also be galvanized. Galvanized steel pipes have a professionally protected surface that is resistant to external weather conditions. Regardless of the type selected, these will be steel pipes, made with the utmost care.

We are proud of our commitment and the level of services we offer, and we strive to cooperate closely with our customers to ensure that we meet your expectations. Our goal is to ensure that your company operates as smoothly as possible on a daily basis.  You will find a variety of steel pipes.

Seamed steel pipes – welded

Steel pipes with longitudinal seam andsteel pipes with spiral seam - their purpose is to provide steel pipelines. We manufacture them from a steel plate by bending them into a round or square shape and then welding them. Seamed steel pipes (welded steel pipes) are widely used in boilers, automobiles, light structural steel for construction, doors and windows, furniture, agricultural machinery, scaffolding, ducts, top shelves, containers, etc. that can meet customer requirements and special specifications.  Welded seamed steel pipe can be used for its intended purpose and by the user's requirements.  Welded pipes are also used to transport water, sewage, gas, air, heating, steam and other fluids, and are used for other applications.

Seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipes are pipes without a weld or welded seam.  Ideally, the seamless pipe should be a solid metal pipe with both ends connected to the other pipe without any welding joints.  According to the production method, the seamless steel pipe is divided into pipes:

  • hot rolled steel pipes
  • cold rolled steel pipes,
  • cold drawn steel pipes,
  • extruded pipes.

Furthermore, given the shape of the cross-section, seamless steel pipes can be divided into two common types: round pipes and special-shaped pipes.  We often see, for example, square steel pipes and rectangular steel pipes on the steel market.

Pipe diameter table

Approximate nominal diameter [DN]Approximate nominal diameter [MM] Minimum wall thickness [MM]Maximum wall thickness [MM]
DN 100114.33.210.0
DN 125133.93.210.0
DN 150139.73.210.0
DN 150159.03.210.0
DN 150168.33.210.0
DN 200219.03.612.5
DN 200244.54.016.0
DN 250273.04.516.0
DN 300323.94.516.0
DN 350355.64.516.0
DN 400406.45.016.0
DN 450457.05.016.0
DN 500508.06.320.0
DN 500530.06.320.0
DN 550559.06.320.0
DN 600610.06.320.0
DN 600620.06.320.0
DN 650660.06.320.0
DN 700 711.06.320.0
DN 700720.06.320.0
DN 750762.06.320.0
DN 800813.08.020.0
DN 800820.08.020.0
DN 850864.08.020.0
DN 900914.08.020.0
DN 900920.08.020.0
DN 10001020.08.030.0
DN 10001016.08.030.0
DN 11001067.08.030.0
DN 12001220.08.030.0
DN 14001420.08.030.0
DN 15001520.08.030.0
DN 16001620.08.030.0
DN 17001720.08.030.0
DN 18001820.08.030.0
DN 20002020.08.030.0

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