Purchase of steel pipes

We offer the purchase of steel pipes

Eco-Tech has also been buying steel pipes for many years. We are happy to acquire any products of this type, regardless of their type and dimensions. The sale of pipes in the purchase of steel pipes is an excellent way to get rid of excess production or storage, as well as to partially reimburse the costs of the decommissioned installation.

Often our steel pipe purchase receives seamless or seamed pipes from disassembly, pipes in insulation or pipes in the form of pipelines or heat pipelines.

Purchase of steel pipes
Purchase of steel pipes

Competitive prices

In the purchase of steel pipes, operating within Eco-Tech, you can receive a fair offer.  We do not lower the value of purchased steel pipes.  To know the initial quote, it is not necessary to visit our steel pipe purchase shop in person.

We can offer the price already based on photos of the goods provided by the customer. Feel free to contact our steel pipe purchase to find out about a free, non-binding valuation of your pipes.

Do you have any steel pipes remaining after the investment or coming from a production surplus?  We provide an initial quote based on photographs of the goods. Write to us!

  • from disassembly
  • in insulation
  • from production surpluses
  • from warehouse surpluses
  • remaining after the investment
  • in the form of pipelines, heat pipelines to be decommissioned.

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