Pipe piles

Properties of pipe piles

The pipe piles available in the Eco-Tech offer ensure the possibility of immediate assembly. They are also characterized by high load capacity, which has been confirmed as part of the dynamic and static load capacity tests carried out. The wide selection of dimensions of Eco-Tech pipe piles guarantees that they can be easily matched to the project requirements. We have pipe piles with an open or closed bottom. To increase the stability of the foundation, pipe piles embedded in or driven into the substrate can be concreted or filled with aggregate.

Pipe piles

The use of pipe piles

Pipe piles are prefabricated piles which are useful primarily in hydro-technical construction. Flyovers, waterfronts, piers, and supports – these are only some of the structures whose foundations are made of pipe piles. The offered products are often also used in infrastructure structures and structures erected in difficult geotechnical conditions.

Pipe piles

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