Steel pipes with longitudinal seam

Longitudinally seamed steel pipes are pipes made of sheet metal that have been welded along one edge. Such products usually have large diameters. Strength parameters for steel pipes with longitudinal seams are worse compared to spirally welded tubes, which does not mean that they are weak.

Steel pipes with longitudinal seam can be successfully used in steel structures and installations for which standard strength is required.

The offer of Eco-Tech includes longitudinally welded steel pipes with different dimensions and properties.  Various types of steel used for production and covering the pipes with additional protective layers determine their intended use in specific conditions. Each steel pipe with a longitudinal seam has a carefully made weld, which effectively prevents it from unsealing. We invite you to browse the full catalogue of steel pipes with longitudinal seams.

The scope of production of tubes with longitudinal seam:

  • pipes with external diameters from 21.3 mm to 3048mm
  • wall thickness up to 65mm
  • pipe lengths from 4m to 24m
  • basic steel grades of pipes from production: S235JRH, S275J0H, S275J2H, S275NLH, S355J0H, S355J2H, S355NH, S355NLH, S420NH, S420NLH, S460NH, S460NLH P235GH, P265GH, P295GH , P355GH , 16Mo3

Production of pipes according to standards:

  • Welded cold-formed structural pipes according to EN 10219-1,2: 2007
  • Structural hot-formed welded pipes according to EN 10210-1,2: 2007
  • Welded line pipes of non-alloy steel according to EN 10217-1:2002
  • Electrically welded non-alloy steel boiler tubes according to EN 10217-2: 2004
  • Welded non-alloy steel boiler tubes with submerged arc welding according to EN 10217-5: 2004a


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