Painting steel pipes from the inside

The method of painting pipes from the inside

We provide the service of painting steel pipes from the inside with the use of modern equipment. It provides excellent results in the form of evenly applied paint and thorough coverage of the entire surface.

We only use high-quality paints that show excellent resistance to the properties of the transported substances. Even if the pipe is used for many years, it will not crush the paint or wash it out. Painting pipes from the inside can be applied to both round and rectangular pipes. 

Painting steel pipes from the inside
Painting steel pipes from the inside

The purpose of painting steel pipes

Painting steel tubes from the inside is an activity that aims to protect the coating against corrosion and damage that may arise due to the high temperature of the transported materials or their corrosive properties. 

Thanks to painting from the inside, the pipes gain better durability. To ensure good adhesion of the paint, the painting of the pipes inside is preceded by thorough cleaning of the pipes, reduction of the degree of roughness of their inner coating and drying.

We paint with epoxy and polyurethane coatings, zinc paints, ethyl silicates and topcoats in a full range of RAL colours


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