Production of pipe flanges 

Pipe flanges in the Eco-Tech offer

Pipe flanges are another high-quality product from the catalogue of the Eco-Tech steel wholesaler. We provide a wide range of flange designs for sale. All of them demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in European standards and are products from proven steel producers, both Polish and foreign. In addition to selling pipe flanges, we also offer the service of their delivery and assembly. We carry out deliveries throughout Poland and EU countries.

The use of pipe flanges

Pipe flanges are steel products commonly used in the construction of industrial, commercial or residential installations. They are used, among others, in air conditioning and ventilation systems, and as connection elements for compensators, heat exchangers or other machines. In general, pipe flanges are useful wherever it is impossible to use a welded joint. Their role is to ensure tightness in the places of connections of pipes. Pipe flanges can be used both to mechanically connect two wires and to connect a pipe to a valve, tee or another element.

Advantages of pipe flanges

The pipe flanges we offer are solid products that show high resistance to damage and deformation, which is why they always remain tight despite intensive and long-time use. They can be successfully used in installations transporting various types of medium, even for many years.   Thanks to appropriate coatings, they show corrosion resistance.

Pipe flanges are elements that often need to be dismantled, e.g. to repair pipes. That is why it is important to be able to easily and quickly disassemble them and then reinstall them. Pipe flanges offered by Eco-Tech are aimed at maximum convenience in such situations. Maintaining the correct sequence of tightening screws, as well as using the right technique and tools will allow you to maintain constant tightness even despite repeated disassembly and assembly of pipe flanges.

Pipe flanges – specification

Pipe flanges, available in the Eco-Tech offer, are products made of various types of steel. Pipe flanges, available in the Eco-Tech offer, are products made of various types of steel.   Among them are stainless steel, carbon and alloy, as well as cast iron and polypropylene. The type of steel determines the adaptation of the pipe flange to the conduction of substances with specific properties, e.g. corrosive, as well as in conditions of high pressure and temperature.

We provide a wide range of pipe flanges, which varies in terms of flange diameters and shape. This makes it possible to choose the flange best suited to a given installation, which in turn translates into greater safety of its use. 

We are happy to answer any questions related to the offer of pipe flanges and provide support in choosing the products that best suit your needs – please contact us.

Production of pipe flanges 

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