Steel twin pipes

Twin pipes are otherwise referred to as casing pipes. It’s because of their function, which is to secure existing infrastructure in the form of pipes or wires.

Steel twin pipes often protect electrical, telecommunication and gas installations.

They can be also used in the protection of underground installations, Because they have anti-corrosion coatings, thanks to which they can successfully function in a humid environment.

Steel twin pipes – casing

The Eco-Tech offer includes twin pipes convenient for use. They are characterized by easy and quick assembly and disassembly. The various dimensions of the products enable the adjustment of the twin-pipe to the needs and spatial limitations of the installation.  Casing pipes are made of steel grades ensuring their high durability and anti-corrosive properties.

Why twin pipes?

Twin pipes allow fast and effective protection without interfering with the existing pipeline. This application reduces the time taken to remove failures and reduces the cost of repair work. Simple installation significantly reduces the time to restore the full functionality of the casing pipes.

Advantages of using steel twin pipes

  • simple installation,
  • high load resistance,
  • shortened time of failure removal,
  • protection of internal installations,
  • protection against adverse corrosion effects.


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