Production of industrial chimneys

The scope of production of steel chimneys

The production of industrial chimneys is an offer aimed at, among others, sewage treatment plants, power plants, industrial bakeries, and also companies operating in the automotive, food or paper industries. Our industrial chimney production service is often used by utilities such as hospitals, crematoria, sports halls, universities, museums and theatres.

For the production of industrial chimneys at Eco-Tech we use steel pipes with diameters from 219 to 1620 mm, which are also manufactured by us. As a result, for each industrial chimney production order, we can provide a very fast completion date and the highest quality. We cooperate with both distributors and end customers who place orders for individual products.

Production of industrial chimneys
Production of industrial chimneys

Industrial steel chimneys

For the construction of chimneys, we use steel pipes with diameters from 219-1620 mm which we are a distributor and producer of for pipes with diameters difficult to access up to 3200 mm.  We can guarantee quick delivery times and very attractive terms of cooperation. Our services are used by both final recipients and clients intermediating in sales. Our services are used by both end customers and those intermediating in sales.

We also make: chimney fittings, flue pipes, chimney bases, flanges 

  • free-standing chimneys,
  • built-in chimneys,
  • smoke chimneys,
  • flue gas chimneys,
  • ventilation chimneys,
  • exhaust chimneys,
  • steel chimneys,
  • single-layer chimneys – single-walled,
  • multi-layer chimneys – double-skinned,
  • internal chimneys,
  • external chimneys,
  • industrial chimneys.
Production of industrial chimneys
Production of industrial chimneys

Our chimneys are used in:

  • automotive industry,
  • sewage treatment plants,
  • power plants
  • industrial bakeries,
  • paper industry,
  • food industry
  • public buildings (schools, universities, sports halls, hospitals, crematoria, theatres, museums, etc.).
Production of industrial chimneys

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